Occupy Your Time

Occupy Your Drinking Time

One of the hardest aspects of quitting drinking is what to do with the time you usually spent drinking. It’s probably best not to go to the ‘usual’ establishments when you’re trying to quit, or hang around people that are drinking, so what do you do with your time? It’s very important to find SOMETHING to do. Something that will distract your mind from thoughts of alcohol. In the beginning many people clean. They clean their house, their garage, their car, anything. Things always need cleaned and it’s a simple task that you can start right away. For the longer term think about what you do each day and how you can add constructive habits to your routine like exercise, walking your dog, going to a movie, working in the yard, starting a new hobby, anything that will occupy your time.

Many people start reading books, walking, hiking, playing a musical instrument, gardening take up a sport like basketball or golf. Perhaps there are some home repairs that could be done.

Obviously the idea is to keep yourself occupied with something – especially during the times when you would normally drink. One person came up with this idea:

“I bought a PlayStation 2 and several games when I began cutting back so I had something to do. Good games can be addicting themselves. They take your mind off anything other than staying ‘alive’ or completing another level, time moves fast, and it’s just plain fun besides.”