Rational Recovery

Rational Recovery is a program based on the belief that the alcoholic wants to and is able to permanently abstain from drinking. The program also recognizes that the alcoholic still wants to continue drinking, because of the belief that drink is helping them to deal with their anxiety.

The program also believes that the anxiety issues the alcoholic is trying to solve or temporarily dismiss by drinking are in fact caused by drinking and exacerbated by continuing to do so. To this end this is how the Rational Recovery program defines alcohol addiction.

The Rational Recovery program is popular and gaining more and more recognition as an alternative to Alcoholics Anonymous and their 12 step program. The program offers a wide range of different techniques to help an addict deal with their problems.

Through guidance, supervised therapies and counseling the program aims to give the patient a chance at self recovery from their alcohol addiction. The program differs from other addiction help groups like Moderation Management as the aim here is to get the addict to permanently abstain from alcohol use.

Jack Trimpey is the founder of the Rational Recovery program and started it back in 1986. As with most people who have started an addiction help group, Trimpey used to be an alcoholic himself. As a fully recovered alcoholic Trimpey is now a fully licensed clinical social worker in the state of California working with people who suffer from alcoholism and drug addiction.

The primary diving force of the addict is the addictive voice, when the voice is not indulged the addict experiences various withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety, restlessness and depression. The addict must make a commitment to and to use their rational thoughts to remind themselves why they want to quit whenever the addictive voice is heard.

The effects overtime of finding how to separate ones self from the additive side to the rational side allows the addict to see the benefits of not giving in. The Rational Recovery program is given through various mediums such as through the internet, via books, videos and seminars.

Addictive Voice Recognition Technique (AVRT) is the model used in the Rational Recovery system to recognize and eliminate the addictive voice that wants the addict to give in and succumb to their addiction.

The theory that our internal thoughts can in some way facilitate our own addictions and that we can be in control of the addictive voice has become a key point in many treatment units across the western world.

Both the Rational Recovery program and Alcoholics Anonymous promote that the best way to beat the addiction is to completely abstain from the addiction. However that is the only point they agree on and differ widely in their teachings on the best way to abstain.

Alcoholics Anonymous uses the 12 step plan with a background of religious teachings to stir the addict’s emotions and instill that only God can help them one step at a time. Rational Recovery doesn’t take this route and doesn’t try to take away or instill religious beliefs in the addict, instead it states the only one who can help the addict is themselves and they can do it right now.

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