You CAN Stop Drinking

So you want to stop drinking…

Well, the important questions to ask are:

What can you do about it?
How can you stop drinking?
What actions can you take to make positive changes in your life?

There are numerous treatments for alcoholism and deciding which course of action is the best and most appropriate for you or your loved one can be difficult. Sometimes one treatment will work well for one person but not very well for another. Many times a combination of treatments will be the most effective route. Because of this you need to know what treatments are out there and how to find them.


That is what we’ve tried to do. We’ve created a site that covers many of the standard treatments for alcoholism as well as the newer cutting edge treatments. Within our site you will find information on Hypnosis, Twelve-Step programs, natural and holistic methods as well as drugs that can reduce cravings for alcohol. We also cover withdrawal symptoms, occupying your “drinking” time, what to expect in a treatment center and other important topics.

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