Moderation Management

Moderation Management are a not for profit organization who run groups for those who suffer from alcoholism as way to provide support and help them to reduce their consumption. The organization was formed in 1994 as an alternative to the already established support group Alcoholics Anonymous.

Alcoholics Anonymous poses many drinkers who want to get help certain problems. There is a heavy reliance on religious teachings held within the ethos of Alcoholics Anonymous. Within the sessions the drinkers self belief is completely dismantled as they are told they are basically nothing without God’s help.

The group is built upon a 12 step program that includes mentoring and support from elder more established former addicts. However the whole 12 steps is littered with overbearing religious rhetoric, with those who run the groups firm in the belief that those who don’t follow their way are doomed to fail in their attempts to stop drinking.

In Moderation Management the group differs in its approach to helping people as the aim is not to prevent or stop the person from drinking for good. Instead the groups aim is to help facilitate a relationship that allows the drinker to reduce the amount of alcohol they consume over time.

To this end the group is not just for people who may feel alcohol is controlling their lives but also for those who consider their relationship with alcohol needs reigning in slightly. These may be people who don’t drink regularly but perhaps binge drink on the weekends and are looking for a way to stop binging.

Moderation Management was the brain child of Audrey Kishline, herself a problem drinker who couldn’t find solace with the already established addiction help groups. She found herself deteriorating as the groups’ philosophy on alcoholism being a disease seemed to take away her self confidence.

The disease theory of alcoholism is based on the belief that the reason people have drinking problems is because there is a disease in the brain. The American Medical Association goes by the classification of alcoholism as a disease under both psychiatric and medical terms.

As those who hold on to the theory of alcoholism being a disease, they also go by the understanding that this disease is curable through proper management. Damage to the brain caused through alcoholism can be stopped and even reversed.

The disease theory is characterized by many different symptoms such as irrational thinking and due to excessive consumption withdrawal symptoms caused by the body and minds physical reliance on alcohol.

Audrey Kishline had never experienced withdrawal symptoms and managed to live a relatively normal everyday existence with friends and family, at work and in school all while still drinking. She found that through cognitive behavioral therapy she was able moderate her drinking.

Moderation Management makes it abundantly clear that their way of treatment won’t be suitable for everyone. Sometimes there will be problem drinkers whose only solution is to completely give up drinking as they would find the drinking in moderation too hard to keep going with.