Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy can be a very effective aid in reducing or stopping drinking. Either through office visits with a therapist or with commercially available CD packages you can utilize hypnosis to relax and focus on your goal.

Sometimes it is difficult to take hypnosis treatment seriously when we see hypno-entertainers hypnotizing people that then act like chickens or celebrities until they are ‘brought out’ of the hypnosis. Still, hypnosis can be a very effective tool to combat alcoholism. One way in which hypnosis can help those attempting to change their drinking habits is through altering the cues that cause or enhance the cravings for alcohol. For example, your brain may associate certain pleasurable memories with drinking excessively. It may have been a time when you attended a party, had success socializing, and felt very good about yourself afterward.

From that point on your brain might associate parties and socializing with alcohol. Obviously this is a simplistic example and the cues underlying drinking habits can be very complex. But, beer companies understand cues and how they work, which is why most beer commercials follow a similar formula. Hypnosis can help to disassociate the cues or ‘anchors’ to drinking thereby reducing cravings for alcohol.

Hypnosis can also be helpful in reducing the stress involved with abstinence from alcohol. Once you quit drinking you will be under a great amount of stress – both physiological and mental. Hypnosis can help alleviate that stress and make the transition to sobriety that much easier.